Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio – „Killing 'em softly“ since 2001

Since 2001 the Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio (FDD), managed by Philipp Heidtkamp in Regensburg-Germany, produces LARP-Weapons, Fantasy costumes, props and scenery for Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Theatre, Film- and TV productions.

In the beginning there was just the possibility to produce single pieces and custom-made Larpswords and Larpshields, but today FDD is able to offer eight different series of varying styles (kinds). Over the Years the Forgotten Dreams Design Studio advanced to be one of the biggest producers of foam weapons in the world.

FDD’s foam weapons “Made in Germany” could be found on countless events, medieval shops and Larp-shops, as well as wholesale and retail industries in Germany and are sold by a global network of Larp sellers.

However, the Design Studio never lost it’s touch and it’s regard to the customer – the Gamer. Aside the series for retailers, each client has the possibility to own his individual and custom-made Larp-sword.


2001 2003:

  • Formation of FDD as one-man-operation by Philipp Heidtkamp in Regensburg
  • Renting the very first small production hall for foamswords on Budapesterstraße.


  • In the meantime four employees are working for FDD what invovles, that first requests from Larp-retailers can be received.

2005 Autum 2009:

  • Moving Forgotten Dreams to the new Larp-factory on Guerickestraße.
  • By purchasing a mill special limited-lot productions can be offeredlow-priced to Larp-groups and medieval-societies. Every further production-step stays handiwork until today.
  • The wide product-range is revised and after newfabrication – processes with usage of a CNC-mill the first FDD Larpwapon-series are created: The foam-weapons Chaos, Medieval, Elven and Gaelic Collection are brought on the market.
  • FDD employees now six people permanetely.
  • The Larpweapon-Series Imperial-, Mercenary-, Ancient- and the mythodea-Collection follow.
  • The production of scenery is intensified, basically because of Live Adventure’s (mass) convention ConQuest (of Mythodea)which established itself as biggest Larp-event worlwide.

Winter 2009 2011:

  • Forgotten Dreams moves together with Epic Armoury Germany and Live Adventure on Lagerstraße 10, 93055 Regensburg.
  • The new location develops a modern manufacture for Larp-weapons with eight employees.
  • To do modern demands of the Larp-scene justice, the first Series Chaos-, Medieval-, and Gaelic Collection are released in adapted Second Edition.
  • In Spring the adaption of the Elven Collection follows and is sold as Elven 2nd Edition in Larp-shops.
  • At the end of the year the Imperial Collection follows and is sold as Imperial 2nd Edition.

In the future we will continue working on the consistent advancement of high quality of our products, used materials and foam.

Thus the Mercenary Collection is on trial and will be released as 2nd Edition, given a new design.

   Philipp Heidtkamp
   Business manager

  Copyright © 2011 Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio