Since 2001 Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio produces foam – weapons. A lot of things changed since then. Today’s Larpweapons and shilds manufactured by FD Larp -forge have scarcely anything in common with the first generation of FDD-swords.

Each and every manufacturing step has been optimized several times, more suitable foams and other materials could be found, which are now used in every modern larpsword.

Since 2001 and thanks to the CNC-mill more detailed and more realistic designs for the weapon-series are possible, where elsewhere ornamentations are made by cutting or with the soldering gun.

Through the constant product- improvement and consistent increase of quality, FDD sets itself apart from other larpweapon – manufacturers on an international level.

FDD foam-weapons fulfill the high requirements of today’s Larper and Larp-Organisators in Europe and worlwide in quality, safety, hardness (degree), looks and design.

The basics of manufacturing a foam-weapon can be divided into 4 different construction methods:


Bladed weapons
The most rampant and manufactured weapon surely is the sword, but also Naginatas and shorter bladed-lances are constructed by the following method.
The basic material for our core rod we use GFP (glass-fibre plastics) rods with special stability and marginal weight.
For our Larpweapons we only use cores with a round profile. To anticipate a discharge of the GFP rod at the pike of the Larpsword a piece of foam is stuck on the rod and glued with woven aramid fabrics.
The GFP rod is laminated with foam different sizes. Then it gets the so called steel blade. Later on this sword-blank is assembled with the hilt and sword handle, followed by pommel, applications and ornaments.


Similar to the Larp-swords blanks for polearms are manufactured from slightly thicker mats and long GFP-rods.
The foam-block is cutted to suitable length of the future staff.
After that, the still square profile is processed by knife and grinding machine so that the typical form of a battlestaff is formed.
Lances, helberds, banner or spear use the same basic materials as the battlestaff.

Related to the construction of a sword the exposed part of the core rod an additional layer of foam is attached, which is correspondingly grinded later on.
On helberds, banner, mage staffs or similar polearms the headpiece is manufactured seperatly and is subsequently glued with the core-rod.


Impact weapons or bludgeoning weapons are, in larp terms reffered as batons, like axes, maces, warhammer and knight’s axe combine manufacturing elements of larpswords and battlestaves.
Like the polearm one end is comitted for attaching the later head of the larp batons, also the end for the handle of the larp weapon is left without foam.
Later the seperatly with foam in appropriate rigidity manufactured head-piece is assembled to the weapon and likewise to the blank glued by pressure.
Similar to the sword handle with applications following.


First the blank form of the shield is milled of a thick foam board. Under heat the bending of the larp-shield is formed und after that the handle is assembled. According to the standards the handle of the newest generation is installed vertically.
On demand you are able to chose one out of six handle – versions and adjust the position and also the inclination on your larp-shield individually.
More details and possible applications are following.
We guarantee coreless Larp-shields, which are accepted on every larp-event worldwide.







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